Intern / Junior AI Engineer

Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning



General Information

Are you interested in training agents that can learn and act in the real world? Have you already worked on projects involving both reinforcement learning and control theory? Do you like interacting with an international team while working independently?

Sony AI is looking for a talented Intern AI engineer to (remotely or physically) join our Zurich-based team for a 6-month internship (early start dates preferred).

Sony AI is dedicated to using AI to help unleash human imagination and creativity. We believe in researching and developing AI techniques that empower the imagination and creativity of artists, makers and creators around the world. Our aim is to advance AI so that it augments – and works in harmony with – humans to benefit society.

Description for Intern Position at Sony AI:
An internship as an Artificial Intelligence or Control Engineer, for 6 Months. Early start dates are preferred.

Roles,Qualifications & Experiences

Reinforcement learning holds the promise of enabling robots to solve tasks that are challenging for traditional control algorithms. Despite this promise, RL agents typically learn tabula rasa, and considerable amounts of data and efforts are therefore needed to apply such agents to complex domains. The goal of this internship is to solve some of these challenges by combining RL with techniques from control theory.

Qualifications & Experiences:

  • Background in Computer Science, Control, Engineering, Math, or another related field
  • Experience with reinforcement learning and deep learning
  • Both theoretical and hands-on experience with control theory
  • Experience programming in Python with TensorFlow/PyTorch
  • Good communication skills in English

Bonus points for

  • Publication record in Machine Learning/Control Theory
  • Familiarity with motion primitives

Working Location


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