Montaser completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Khartoum in Electronics Engineering in 2018 and earned a Master’s degree in Machine Learning from African Institute of Mathematical sciences in 2019. His journey with Sony started when he was an intern in 2019 working on teaching cooking robots how to replicate dish plating by recognizing the skills needed to do that and how to learn individual skills from observing humans (chefs) using imitation learning. In 2020, he wanted to explore the academic world more so he worked as a research associate at the University of Alberta where they are trying to make machine learning models, specifically, reinforcement learning agents, learn to be cautious. In 2021, he re-joined Sony AI as an AI engineer, working on making two robots learn in a cooperative and competitive setting in a high-dynamic environment


“Most of reinforcement learning research focuses on single-agent, where a single agent should learn to perform a task by trial and error without human supervision, But in the real world, most of the systems are multi-agent systems where two or more agents interact with the environment and with each other and learn a shared goal in cooperatively or competitively scenario. So one of the research directions for Sony AI is to research and develop Smart multi-agent systems. Another interesting problem when we deploy AI systems in real-life is that AI systems are so advanced and complicated but the hardware where these systems should be deployed is limited.Sony AI wants to fill this gap by making the hardware smarter so that more AI systems can be used in our daily life.”


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