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Flagship Projects

AI Ethics: Gastronomy, Imaging & Sensing, Gaming

Pursuing Grand Challenges

Currently, Sony AI has four unique and exciting Flagship Projects in the areas of Imaging & Sensing, Gaming, Gastronomy and AI Ethics.

AI Ethics: Gastronomy, Imaging & Sensing, Gaming

Gran Turismo Sophy

Sony AI unveils Gran Turismo Sophy, a breakthrough in AI, demonstrating the power of AI to deliver new gaming and entertainment experiences. Learn more about the unique collaboration between Sony AI, Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment.


The Team Behind GT Sophy - Part1

Sony AI is proud to share the first installment of our new video series, “The Team Behind GT Sophy.” This entry traces the project from its humble beginnings, when a Sony intern ran racing simulations on nine PlayStations 24 hours a day in his Zurich apartment—and racked up an enormous electricity bill. That test run eventually led to a global team of researchers collaborating to overcome the technical challenges of training an AI to outrace the best human “Gran Turismo” players in the world.

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AI for Human Imagination & Creativity

Sony AI was established in April 2020 to pursue groundbreaking research in AI and robotics in the realm of entertainment. Our partners are artists, makers and creators from around the world.

As of April 2023, Sony AI is a proud member of the Sony Research organization.


People are at the core of everything we do at Sony AI - people who use our technology as well as people who contribute to making technical breakthroughs.


Sony AI researchers and engineers are actively publishing their work for notable conferences and publications to share their knowledge and findings with the larger tech and research community.

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Sony AI is always looking for talented individuals who share our mission and values.