Sony AI

Unleash Human Imagination and
Creativity with AI

Our Mission
AI for Imagination & Creativity

We believe in researching and developing AI to further empower the imagination and creativity of artists, makers and creators around the world.

Our aim is to advance AI so that it works in harmony and to augment human capabilities to achieve greater things, not to replace humans for greater efficiency.

Our Values
Diversity, Transparency & Social

We believe that extraordinary innovation requires diversity in people and methods; that AI should be developed and deployed in a responsible, fair, and transparent way; and that all technology should serve social good.

Flagship Projects

  • Gaming
  • Imaging & Sensing
  • Gastronomy

The research and development of AI will be driven through agile world-class AI Flagship Projects that will evolve AI in both the virtual and physical space.

Sony AI will initially launch with 3 Flagship Projects, but other projects will be added over time.

These research will be pursued in close collaboration with the relevant Sony Group business units, such as Gaming and Imaging and Sensing businesses.

The Team

Sony AI is lead by world-class AI researchers and engineers, and is eager to work with top AI talents across the globe who believes in our mission. We have plans to open offices in Japan, US and Europe.

  • Dr. Hiroaki Kitano

    Dr. Hiroaki Kitano

    President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. President, the Systems Biology Institute. Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Recipient of the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award in 1993, Special Award of Prix Ars Electronica 2000, Nature Award for Creative Mentoring in Science in 2009.

  • Dr. Peter Stone

    Dr. Peter Stone

    David Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Winner of IJCAI Computers and Thought Award winner (2007). One of the most widely cited researchers in Reinforcement Learning and Robotics academic papers.

  • Dr. Peter Wurman

    Dr. Peter Wurman

    Co-founder and CTO of Kiva Systems, which was acquired by Amazon. Winner of 2008 IEEE/IFR Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. Former tenured professor at North Carolina State University. Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2020.

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Imagination and Creativity with AI

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