After a career in software development I returned to the University of Alberta to study artificial intelligence, particularly the field of reinforcement learning. After completing my master’s degree I was awarded the Vanier scholarship, which enabled me to pursue my doctoral degree while raising my two young kids alongside my wife.

My interest in AI is motivated by the desire to create robots that are capable of autonomy in diverse settings and tasks. With this motivation in mind, the primary focus of my doctoral research was on the use of prediction for perception. That is, robots that represent their world and their interactions with it by making predictions about their own sensory experiences.


“At Sony AI I am working with a fantastic team of scientists and engineers doing a mix of pure and applied research in the application of reinforcement learning in video games. I am presently part of a research effort to improve our knowledge of how to practically deploy reinforcement learning algorithms. We are looking for ways to improve the process of agent design.

I feel that the opportunities I have at Sony AI are very unique. I am able to pursue many of my own research interests while staying rooted and motivated by our project oriented goals. I get to learn from the experience of amazing researchers and I also have access to products and technologies that are unique to Sony.”


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