Florian is an AI engineer in the gaming division of Sony AI. He obtained an MSc in computer science with a focus on machine learning at the University of Zurich. During his master studies he was a visiting student at ETHZ and SNU. Before that, Florian acquired a BSc in information systems. His thesis on analyzing the environmental impact caused by media consumption was awarded with the Environmental Informatics student prize at EnviroInfo 2016.


“My current focus lies on applying reinforcement learning algorithms to the domain of games to make them more exciting. My personal goal is to integrate a deep reinforcement learning based model into a commercial game. While recent work on deep reinforcement learning showed great success in the domain of games, the results didn’t make it into a publicly available product. I’m motivated to show that this is possible.”


Super-Human Performance in Gran Turismo Sport Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

IEEE RA-L, 2021
Florian Fuchs, Yunlong Song*, Elia Kaufmann*, Davide Scaramuzza*, Peter Dürr

Autonomous car racing is a major challenge in robotics. It raises fundamental problems for classical approaches such as planning minimum-time trajectories under uncertain dynamics and controlling the car at the limits of its handling. Besides, the requirement of minimizing t…


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