Florian is an AI engineer for the Game AI flagship project at Sony AI. He obtained an MSc in computer science with a focus on machine learning at the University of Zurich. For his master's thesis he applied reinforcement learning on the challenge of autonomous racing in the Gran Turismo Sport simulation in cooperation with Sony RDC and the Robotics and Perception Group at UZH/ETHZ. The approach achieved superhuman time trial performance, outperforming all of over 50,000 human competitors. During his master studies he was a visiting student at ETHZ and SNU. Before that, Florian acquired a BSc in information systems. His thesis on analyzing the environmental impact caused by media consumption was awarded with the Environmental Informatics student prize at EnviroInfo 2016.


"I joined the gaming division of Sony AI in August 2020 after finishing my work on autonomous racing in Gran Turismo Sport at Sony R&D Center. My current focus lies on applying reinforcement learning algorithms to the domain of games to make them more exciting. My personal goal is to integrate a deep reinforcement learning based model into a commercial game. While recent work on deep reinforcement learning showed great success in the domain of games, the results didn’t make it into a publicly available product. I’m motivated to show that this is possible."


Outracing Champion Gran Turismo Drivers with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Nature, 2022
Pete Wurman, Samuel Barrett, Kenta Kawamoto, James MacGlashan, Kaushik Subramanian, Thomas J. Walsh, Roberto Capobianco, Alisa Devlic, Franziska Eckert, Florian Fuchs, Leilani Gilpin, Piyush Khandelwal, Varun Kompella, Hao Chih Lin, Patrick MacAlpine, Declan Oller, Takuma Seno, Craig Sherstan, Michael D. Thomure, Houmehr Aghabozorgi, Leon Barrett, Rory Douglas, Dion Whitehead Amago, Peter Dürr, Peter Stone, Michael Spranger, Hiroaki Kitano

Many potential applications of artificial intelligence involve making real-time decisions in physical systems while interacting with humans. Automobile racing represents an extreme example of these conditions; drivers must execute complex tactical manoeuvres to pass or block…

Super-Human Performance in Gran Turismo Sport Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Florian Fuchs, Yunlong Song*, Elia Kaufmann*, Davide Scaramuzza*, Peter Dürr

Autonomous car racing is a major challenge in robotics. It raises fundamental problems for classical approaches such as planning minimum-time trajectories under uncertain dynamics and controlling the car at the limits of its handling. Besides, the requirement of minimizing t…


June 14, 2022 | Gaming | GT Sophy

Training the World’s Fastest Gran Turismo Racer

GT SOPHY TECHNICAL SERIESStarting in 2020, the research and engineering team at Sony AI set out to do something that had never been done before: create an AI agent that could beat the best drivers in the world at the PlayStation® …

GT SOPHY TECHNICAL SERIESStarting in 2020, the research and engineering team at Sony AI set out to do something that had never bee…


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