Tarek’s expertise lies at the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science where he is interested in a broad range of topics ranging from computational creativity to trustworthy AI. Before joining Sony AI, Tarek worked across different industries and in academia, among others as Head of Strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL (the digital innovation unit of the testing and certification multinational DEKRA), as CTO at Neurocat (a Berlin-based AI safety startup), as Chief Science Officer at Alpha Health (Telefonica’s digital health moonshot project), and as Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Data Science at City, University of London.


My work at Sony AI aims to bridge cutting-edge AI research and the people who use our technology. I want to enable future AI systems to address users in more and different ways than it currently does, offering new sensory experiences and entertainment possibilities and inspiring people to use AI to realize their creative potential to the fullest.


FRUNI and FTREE synthetic knowledge graphs for evaluating explainability

NeurIPS, 2023
Pablo Sanchez Martin, Tarek Besold, Priyadarshini Kumari

Research on knowledge graph completion (KGC)---i.e., link prediction within incomplete KGs---is witnessing significant growth in popularity. Recently, KGC using KG embedding (KGE) models, primarily based on complex architectures (e.g., transformers), have achieved remarkable…

What's Wrong with Gradient-based Complex Query Answering?

NeSy, 2023
Ouns El Harzli, Samy Badreddine, Tarek Besold

Multi-hop query answering on knowledge graphs is known to be a challenging computational task. Neurosymbolic approaches using neural link predictors have shown promising results but are still outperformed by combinatorial optimization methods on several benchmarks, including…

Machine Learning Security in Industry: A Quantitative Survey

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2023
L. Bieringer*, K. Grosse*, Tarek Besold, B. Biggio*, K. Krombholz*

Despite the large body of academic work on machine learning security, little is known about the occurrence of attacks on machine learning systems in the wild. In this paper, we report on a quantitative study with 139 industrial practitioners. We analyze attack occurrence and…


December 13, 2023 | Events

Sony AI Reveals New Research Contributions at NeurIPS 2023

Sony Group Corporation and Sony AI have been active participants in the annual NeurIPS Conference for years, contributing pivotal research that has helped to propel the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning forwar…

Sony Group Corporation and Sony AI have been active participants in the annual NeurIPS Conference for years, contributing pivotal …


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