Alice is the head of the AI Ethics Office for Sony Group and the senior research scientist leading AI ethics at Sony AI. In these roles, Alice leads teams of AI ethics researchers and practitioners who work closely with business units to develop more ethical AI solutions. Alice also currently serves as a General Chair for the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, the premier multidisciplinary research conference on these topics.

Alice previously served on the leadership team of the Partnership on AI. As the Head of Fairness, Transparency, and Accountability Research, she led a team of interdisciplinary researchers and a portfolio of multi-stakeholder research initiatives. She also served as a Visiting Scholar at Tsinghua University’s Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, where she taught a course on Algorithmic Fairness, Causal Inference, and the Law. Core areas of Alice's research include bridging technical and legal approaches to fairness and privacy, developing methods for detecting and mitigating algorithmic bias, and assessing explainability techniques in deployment.

She has been recognized as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Tech Review, Fortune, and VentureBeat, among others, for her work on algorithmic bias and transparency, criminal justice risk assessment tools, and AI ethics. She has given guest lectures at the Simons Institute at Berkeley, USC, Harvard, SNU Law School, among other universities. Her research has been published in top machine learning conferences, journals, and law reviews.

Alice is both a lawyer and statistician, with experience developing machine learning models and serving as legal counsel for technology companies. Alice holds a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, a Master’s in Development Economics from Oxford, a Master’s in Statistics from Harvard, and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Harvard.


“Our AI Ethics research team conducts cutting-edge research on fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI. Our projects aim to enable the development of more ethical AI within Sony and also to contribute to the global research discourse around AI ethics. Our goal is to make Sony a global leader in AI ethics.”


Reconciling Legal and Technical Approaches to Algorithmic Bias

Tennessee Law Review, 2021
Alice Xiang

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of papers in the algorithmic fairness literature proposing various technical definitions of algorithmic bias and methods to mitigate bias. Whether these algorithmic bias mitigation methods would be permissible from a legal pers…

On the Validity of Arrest as a Proxy for Offense: Race and the Likelihood of Arrest for Violent Crimes

AIES, 2021
Riccardo Fogliato*, Alice Xiang, Zachary Lipton*, Daniel Nagin*, Alexandra Chouldechova*

The risk of re-offense is considered in decision-making at many stages of the criminal justice system, from pre-trial, to sentencing, to parole. To aid decision makers in their assessments, institutions increasingly rely on algorithmic risk assessment instruments (RAIs). The…

"What We Can’t Measure, We Can’t Understand": Challenges to Demographic Data Procurement in the Pursuit of Fairness

FaccT, 2021
McKane Andrus*, Elena Spitzer*, Jeffrey Brown*, Alice Xiang

As calls for fair and unbiased algorithmic systems increase, so too does the number of individuals working on algorithmic fairness in industry. However, these practitioners often do not have access to the demographic data they feel they need to detect bias in practice. Even …


May 12, 2021 | Sony AI

Launching our AI Ethics Research Flagship

I recently joined Sony AI from the Partnership on AI, where I served on the Leadership Team and led a team of researchers focused on fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI. In that role, I had a unique vantage point in…

I recently joined Sony AI from the Partnership on AI, where I served on the Leadership Team and led a team of researchers focused…


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